Azerbaijan Future Studies Society participate at Dubai Future Forum 2023

On November 27-28, 2023 The president of Azerbaijan Future Studies Society - Node of Millennium Project in the Republic of Azerbaijan Reyhan Huseynova participate at Dubai Future Forum.

Dubai Future Forum 2023, organized by the Dubai Future Foundation, convened around 2,500 people to address some of the world's greatest challenges and opportunities at the Museum of the Future.

More than 150 experts in future foresight shared their insights on the near and far future across 70 sessions, keynotes, and workshops.

Speakers shared their predictions in spheres including space, sustainability, the environment, energy, food, health, medicine, education, technology, artificial intelligence, the digital economy, and governance.

Participants predicted that the next decade will witness a paradigm shift in technologies with the rise of completely new technologies, vastly outpacing the development of technologies from the past 70 years.

Speakers addressed the role of youth in shaping the future. The forum heard how placing future generations at the heart of government policies, initiatives, and programs helps ensure the creation of a better tomorrow. They also discussed the importance of empowering future generations through upskilling, to ensure that they have the tools needed for future jobs in sectors such as AI and space.

Participants heard how ‘silicon hospitals’, based on smart semiconductors implanted in the body, will, in the future, act as ‘tiny hospitals’ that accompany people. These will provide accurate medical diagnoses around the clock, which will reduce healthcare costs and lessen the need for surgical interventions. Experts suggested that a new epidemic occurring in the near future could carry a US$1 trillion healthcare bill for the world.