The Millennium Project riceiveid the CogX’ “Recognising Leadership – Grand Jury Prize” 2023

14/09/2023 On September 12, in the spectacular site of the Millennium Dome (now called the O2 Arena), The Millennium Project riceiveid the CogX’ “Recognising Leadership – Grand Jury Prize” 2023 during the gala dinner in London.

The CogX Awards celebrates innovators and change makers impacting our world in the last 12 months and it’s at its 7th edition. As the central theme of the CogX festival is “How do we get the next 10 years right?”, these awards go to individuals contributing the most to ensuring we are getting the next 10 years right.

The Recognising Leadership Awards recognises inspiring leaders for their exemplary guidance, vision and positive impact on individuals, organisations and their communities. The Grand Jury Prize received by The Millennium Project is the Recognising Leadership award for “the best of the best” category, as reported on the CogX Awards website.

This year’s 7th annual CogX Awards assembled the most diverse judging panel ever with judges representing business, academia, entrepreneurs and investors from a wide variety of backgrounds. Well-known figures within AI and technology including Sherry Coutu CBE, Venture Partner of Molten Ventures, Bindi Karia, and CEO of Mind Foundry, Brian Mullins.

The prize was received by José L. Cordeiro, Member of our Board of Directors and Chair of the Venezuela Node and RIBER of The Millennium Project, who was attending the event together with David Wood, Chair of the UK Node. As reported by José Cordeiro during the ceremony,

The Millennium Project is proud to advance the ideas about AGI alignment and governance in a world moving very fast with exponential technologies.

The Millennium Project thanks CogX, the Jury and all those involved in the evaluation process and congratulates all winners.

Read the official list of winners at