Future specialists, Azerbaijan - the look to the future

Azerbaijan Futures Studies Society - Node of the Millenium Project Azerbaijan starts a new project called “Future specialists, Azerbaijan - the look to the future” with the support of Youth Foundation under Azerbaijani president, partnered by Azerbaijan Futures Studies Society.  The goal of the project is holding practical conferences for the SABAH groups students at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University(ASOIU) and Azerbaijani Tecnical University(ATU).

The first conference was held at the UNEC. Shahin Bayramov, the deputy rector of the international relations and programs, informed participants in details about the “Future Specialists Azerbaijan 2025 – The Look to The Future”.

 Bela Jalilova, the chairwoman of the council of Azerbaijan Futures Studies Society (AFSS), spoke about the economic profitability of the futures research. Aida Quliyeva, the director of the SABAH centre at UNEC, spoke about the involvement of SABAH students in forecasting research projects and building their skills and knowledge based upon the short-term future and middle-term future scenarios.

Then the conference continued by the following speeches of  Elizabeth Floresko, expert of European Commission, Zamin Babashov, who is a SABAH Centre teacher at UNEC, associate of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences, and an economic expert. Then experts and students suggested new proposals and had discussion on the topic of “The Development of Azerbaijan’s Economy and Non-Oil Sector”

Another practical conference called “Future Specialists ,Azerbaijan 2025 - The Look to The Future” was held On November 16th, at the Azerbaijani State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU), with the support of Youth Foundation and Azerbaijani Futurists Society.

Ata Babayev, the vice-rector  of ASOIU, gave introductory speech and noted the importance of this event. He also added that the future of Azerbaijan is in the hands of trustworthy people.

Elshad Safiyev, assistant professor of the ASOIU’s faculty of electromechanics, informed the participants about the Millenium project.

The director of the global think-tank “The Millenium Project”, Jerome Glenn, informed the participants about the new discovery of this century which is the artificial intelligence and its future via online presentation. Speaking about the typees of artificial intelligence, the Moore’s law, artificial intelligent lenses, and alternative energy sources’ effectiveness, professor Jerome Glenn shared his insights on the changes, the artificial intelligence will bring to the future of humanity, people and economy.

Ilham Shaban the director of an oil-reserch institution, presented  “Azerbaijani economy built on the energy- the future outlook”. He spoke about the development and the shaping of the Azerbayjan’s economy and the role of oil in its development.

At the end of the conference, ASOIU 4th year student, Miraziz Aliyev  gave a speech with the topic of “2025 - The Look to The Future”

On the 21st of November, as a part of the project “The Future Specialists, Azerbaijan 2025 - The look to the Future” with the financial support of Youth Foundation under Azerbaijani President, partnered by Azerbaijan Futures Studies Society, conference was held at the Azerbaijani Technical University.

Vice-rector of the Azerbaijani Technical University, Ilham Pirmammadov announced the opening of the conference and wished good luck to event participants. Shahin Seyidzada, the director of the SABAH executive commitee, highlighted  the importance of the futures research and drew attention to the involvement of the SABAH students in forecasting research, specifically based on the short-term and middle-term futures.

The event followed by the Jerome Glenn’s lecture. Then the student representative chosen by SABAH students gave a presentation.

At the end of the conference, participants listened to the lecture by Farid Ismayilzada, the founder and the chairman of the management board of “Golden Pay” and the expert of Azerbaijani Futurologists Society.   The conference ended by a question and answer section.